Rajinikanths Annaatthe Full Movie Download: Leaked by Filmyzilla

Annaatthe Full Movie Download

Annaatthe is Rajinikanth’s latest Tamil action movie after the Darbar movie. The movie is directed by Siva. This film is 2 hr 43 min in term and is accessible in the Tamil language. Thavasi, Rajinikanth, Abhimanyu Singh, Kulappulli Leela, Pandiarajan, Nayanthara, Livingston, Meena, Sathyan Sivakumar, Redin Kingsley, Nadodigal Gopal, Prakash Raj, Khushboo, Jagapati Babu, Keerthi Suresh, Vela Ramamoorthy, Sathish, Soori, George Mariyan, Arjai, and Kabali Vishwanath are playing as the star cast in this film. The movie was produced under the manufacturing business named sunshine movies. The movie music has composed by D.Imman.

Movie Trailer

On Oct 27 Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe movie trailer has released by movie makers on Sun pictures. The trailer has already gone viral on youtube and within 2 hours it has got 1.5 million views on youtube. The trailer shows Rajinikanth and Keerthi Suresh brother and sister. The characters of Meena and Kushboo get introduced.

Movie Story

Veeranna (Rajinikanth) loves his sister Kanakam(Keerthi Suresh) to death and can go to any degree for her. One fine day, he fixes her marriage, and right on the big day, Kanakam absconds making an immense mishap for Veeranna and his family. A half-year pass by and Veeranna discovers that Kanakam is in Kolkotta and is in neck-profound issues. For what reason is Kanakam in Kolkatta? What is her concern? furthermore, how did Veeranna save her? That formes the rest of the story.

Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe Full Movie Download: Leaked by Filmyzilla

The movie has released in theaters in November 2021. After released in the theaters the Annaatthe Full Movie Leaked by Filmyzilla. You do not energize piracy websites if you want to watch the movie we recommend you watch it in theaters and legal websites.

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Movie Review

Rajinikanth is the fundamental resource of the film. Indeed, even at this age, he moves and mouths strong discoursed. His screen presence is sublime and Rajini imparts a sister bonding to Keerthy Suresh. Nayanthara looks lovely and does her part convincingly.

Keerthy Suresh gets a substantial job and has exhibited for the most part in torment during that time half. The National award-winning actor does well in her job. The scenes including Meena and Khushboo make a couple of a few laughs in the movie.

The movie has situated in the town and has good feelings. The battles displayed are acceptable and those planned on Rajini will satisfy his fans a little.

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