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Coolie No 1

After 25 years of the smash hit movie Coolie No 1 in which Govinda went to his ideal, we have lastly obtained the official remake of the film. Varun Dhavan is always understood for his comic timing and that is specifically what this movie needs out of him. Assumptions are constantly on a high when you are acting in the remake of such an effective film.

Coolie No 1 storyline:

Coolie No 1 is the tale of a coolie Raju, that falls in love with Sara. However, her daddy is extremely eager that his woman marries a billionaire just as well as also he’s all looking for a billionaire for his daughter. The concierge makes believe to be a bogus magnate to make sure that he obtains wed to Sara. The movie is directed by Mr. David Dhawan himself along with lots of Dhawan Sir movie, Coolie No 1 is a rollercoaster trip with several hideous circumstances. There are a great number of superior comic elements too in the movie to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Coolie No 1 actors:

It’s the cast of this movie that makes it even more special and appealing. We have some stalwart names from the genre of funny in Hindi cinema, and to have them all under one roof is no much less than a miracle.

  • Varun Dhawan as Raju Coolie
  • Sara Ali Khan as Sarah Rozario
  • Paresh Rawal as Jeffrey Rozario
  • Javed Jaffrey as Pandit Jai Kishen
  • Rajpal Yadav as Pintu
  • Johnny Bar as Inspector

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Coolie No 1 performance:

Is it worth watching? We require to be conscious of the fact that we are still getting out of the ill of Covid, anticipating audiences ahead to the theaters in big numbers will not be logical. Though coolie 2 has also premiered on Prime as well as a lot of the customers delighted in the movie on this OTT platform.
However, the critics felt that the movie was rather unable to measure up to the expectations. Particularly when it was a remake of such a timeless comedy film. The film tries to build up many things that it falls short of to maximize the majority of them.

Though individual brilliance was there on part of several stars yet on a general degree. It won’t be incorrect to state that the film was a packet of chips. The appealing outside as well as hollow from within.

Release date:

When does the movie hit theaters?
Coolie No 1 has done in preparedness to be out in the theatres on December 25. That’s not all! together with theaters. The manufacturers have tied up with Amazon Prime to launch the movie on Amazon Prime on the same date. Viewers have advised streaming the movie on the OTT platform. Before that, to lighten up your excitement watch the Trailer of Coolie No 1.

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