Manchi Rojulochaie Full Movie Download: Leaked by Movierulz

Manchi Rojulochaie Full Movie Download

Santhosh Sobhan coming up with the movie Manchi Rojulochaie is after the super hit movie of Ek Mini Katha. The movie is directed by Prati Roju Pandage movie director Maruthi. Manchi Rojulochaie is a heartfelt film mutually produced by V Celluloid standard and SKN. The film actors Santosh Shobhan and Mehreen Pirzada in the main lead roles while Anup Rubens scored music for this film.

Movie Trailer

The  Manchi Rojulochaie team released the movie trailer. The trailer shows that Manchi Rojulochaie is an all-out fun ride set in the Covid setting. What grabs the eye in the trailer is Maruthi’s clever dialogues. The hilarious discussions between the main characters bring out the laughter. The lead pair Santosh and Mehreen make a decent pair. Ajay Ghosh is by all accounts playing a sensational person. Manchi Rojulochaie seems, to be a festival release. Finally, the film will be out on fourth November, making Diwali.

Movie Story

Manchi Rojulochaie is the narrative of Santhu (Santosh Shoban) and Paddu (Mehreen) who are in love. Paddus father Gopalam (Ajay Ghosh) has fears at the center in each angle. His friends Murthy and Koteswara Rao take this advantage and make create more fear of pulling his leg. Gopalam is feared about his daughter Paddu falling in love with somebody and he arranges a chase after the right person to get her married. However, lamentably, he fails to track down the right person for Paddu. The greatest shock comes for Gopalam as his friend’s downfall. The remainder of Manchi Rojulochaie is about his feelings of dread and how Santhu changes the state of mind of Gopalam and impresses him.

Manchi Rojulochaie Full Movie Download On Movierulz

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Movie Review

Maruthi is known to make films on simple parts of life and this time, he picks dread as his main issue. He determines Ajay Ghosh’s character with inward fear and brings out great comedy through this angle.

Talking about Ajay Ghosh, he is the middle point and the greatest feature of the film. Without himself, the film would have been the very everyday practice. The way Ajay Ghosh exhibits the fear element and brings out fun feelings is so great to see. Mehreen looks wonderful and does well in her critical role.

Vennela Kishore, Praveen, and Viva Harsha do their spot in their roles. Sudhakar is likewise slick in his person in the second half. One specific comedy scene including the Appadala Pankajam is very diverting in the second half.

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