Sree Vishn ‘s Arjuna Phalguna Full Movie Download

Arjuna Phalguna Full Movie Download

The success of the film Raja Raja Chora boosted the confidence of Sree Vishnu in 2021 and he is back with another release, Arjuna Phalguna. The film was released on 31st December 2021. The film was directed by the young talent Teja Marni and is produced by Anvesh Reddy and Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Matinee Entertainment. Amritha Aiyer played the lead actress alongside Sree Vishnu.

Movie Trailer

The trailer of Arjuna Phalguna covers all genres. It starts with the display of picturesque scenery of village background. Then comes the fun of actor Subba Raju, as a police officer, investigating at a lodge. Next, the hero and his friends, who are NTR fans, introduce themselves with titles of the actor’s movies. Sree Vishnu appears as a typical village guy doing chores as a milkman. He also romances with his love interest, essayed by Amritha Aiyer.

Movie Story

Arjun(Sree Vishnu) has four close friends and can go to any extent for them. As one of his friends(Rangasthalam Mahesh) gets into neck-deep problems financially, Arjun takes a daring step and decides to become a drug peddler. He, along with his friends smuggles drugs in Araku but gets obstructed by a ruthless cop(Subba Raju). How Arjun and his friends go through hell and come out of this issue is the whole film all about.

Arjuna Phalguna Full Movie Download

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Movie Review

Sree Vishnu is a sincere actor and does well in a role that does not give him much scope to perform. His comic timing is good and Vishnu carries the film on his shoulders with his able performance. Heroine Amritha Aiyer has a good screen presence and does well in her village girl’s role. Rangasthalam Mahesh gets an important role and performs quite well. The other guys who played the friends were also okay.

Naresh is decent in his crucial role. A few thrills like the train chasing scene and the whole smuggling episode have been shot well. Special mention to the young music director Priyadarshan who has given solid music and BGM.

The story was well set in the backdrop of the Godavari district. The life of youth and the characters of the friends were written and picturized well. The first half gives us enough laughs and a decent plot. The background score balances the emotions exposed on-screen. The visuals show the beauty and nature of the Godavari district. Editing and Dialogues can be better.

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